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The Abyss Beyond Dreams by Peter F Hamilton

Approx 674 pages.

In short: Another grand epic from the master of Space opera


Full review:

Right from the start you are "yanked" into the story. 

Inside the void the is "the other human planet" Bienvenido. This is the first of the Faller dualogy which tells their story.

Nigel Sheldon, worm hole creator and one thousand year old genius is asked by the Raiel to investigate the dreams coming from inside the void. (Hint, it's worthwhile, but not necessary, to read the Void trilogy before reading this). The Raiel are watching the void, waiting for another expansion phase which they fear will result in the destruction of the known universe. Nigel is inserted into the void, only to crash land on a planet whose existence is not known outside of the void.

There he discovers a pre industrial civilisation which can trace its roots from a missing starship which crashed inside the void three thousand years earlier. The people living on this planet are plagued by the fallers: A predator race which conquer whole worlds. To save the people on the planet, Nigel must break the status quo and possibly the destruction of the void itself.

* * *

Written with a fantastic vision, a character set which you empathize with immediately, and a substantial plot you can once again immerse yourself into the Commonwealth and its rich environs.

Peter is exceptional with his delivery of the surprises/twists in the story, and yet again, you will flick back pages just to make sure you didn't miss something earlier in the book! (I know I did.) There is even a homage to Brian Blessed hidden in the pages! Around two thirds of the book you reach the stage of, "just want to see what happens next" and you find yourself still reading at three in the morning, twice! 

Get it, read it, love it.

Sean P Chatterton