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Sean has been a reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy since he could read. Being introduced at a young age to Tolkien's middle earth, E. E. "Doc" Smith's Lensman series, and Asimov's robots, amongst countless others, gave Sean an active imagination and a yearning for something more.

Now as an adult, he works on internet marketing. Which pays the bills, but isn't what you can call world changing. The death of his older sister from cervical cancer a few years ago made him realise that his childhood ambition of being a writer would slip him by if he did not make serious efforts to make that dream come true.

It took him just one year to get his first short story published, and like the world famous grandfather of modern SF, Arthur C. Clarke, his first published short story was of a teleporter accident. This was sheer coincidence but one that Sean is very proud of. He now produces short stories on a regular basis and has had over twenty published stories to his credit.

The first full length novel is on its way...

Sean P Chatterton