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Eyepennies by Mike O’Driscoll

Approx 20,000 words.

In short: Haunting, brilliant.







Full review:

I would advise reading this book in one sitting as the story jumps back & forth in time in a non-linear fashion. Which can be a little disconcerting at first. However, the more you get into the story, the more it wont let you go. I found the book very hard to put down, as I had to find out where the character driven story was going.

The story is about Mark, a singer/songwriter who had a near death experience, from which his psyche never really recovered. Mike attributes the inspiration for this story to the real life singer/song writer Mark Linkous. After reading the blurb about the writer, it’s easy to see how Mike ‘got into’ Mark’s head and how he has managed to create a full and believable, if very troubled, character.

The prose is effortless and compelling, creating images in the minds eye both chilling and insightful. The pace is brilliant, you don’t realise that you are being drawn in and carried along until you reach a satisfying, and haunting, end.

I am willing to bet that you will still be thinking about this book days after you have finished the last page. That to me is the sign of a brilliant story and writer.

If this is the shape of future TTA novellas I am much impressed and can whole heartedly recommend them.

Sean P Chatterton